Electronic Reports

Our reports are professional and easy to read. Electronic reports gives you the ability to store the report digitally and share with others quickly and efficiently.

Photos with Descriptions

Photos are directly inserted into your report pages documenting each issue. Descriptions, lines, arrows and circles highlight the issue to ensure that you can clearly identify each problem.

Addendum Identifying Source of Issues, Solution & Repair Costs

Just about all houses have problems. The real questions are:

  • What are the problems?
  • What caused the problems?
  • What is necessary to fix the problem?
  • What are the labor and material costs to fix the problems?

Deficiencies don’t necessarily mean you shouldn’t buy the home. Knowing the details of the problems, the cause, the fix, and the cost simply means you can more efficiently discuss the matters with your relator and the seller. Every report includes an addendum outlining cause, remedy & repair costs for each problem.

Personal Consultation & Explanation of Report

A full discussion of findings is included with all reports. Your understanding is a very important part of the home inspection process. We are happy to answer all of your questions. Even if you have a question later, give us a call! It’s that simple. We are here to serve your needs and answer all of your questions.