What do you really need to know from an Inspection Report?

After the actual inspection is competed is where Cornerstone Inspection Services differs and this difference is the most important aspect of the inspection.

We all know that few homes will have a 100% clean bill of health. Along with the 12 page inspection report an addendum is provided, that lists all of the safety and non-functional issues noted on the report, and addresses them as to:

  1. What caused the problem?
  2. How can the problem be fixed?
  3. How much will it cost to fix the problem?

Unlike most inspection reports, you will never see “Needs further evaluation by a qualified repair man.” John Green is uniquely able to give you this information due to his extensive training and experience.

Let us break down an example for you

Here’s an example that will tie this all together. During the regular inspection it is discovered the dishwasher leaks water underneath out onto the kitchen floor and is noted on the report. This only tells you part of what you need to know. You also need to know what caused it to leak – then when you know the cause it can be determined how to fix it and with that knowledge – how much it will cost to fix it.

By removing the panel at the front of the dishwasher it can be determined that there is either a loose connection; a defective inlet or outlet hose; or the solenoid that closes the valve after a cycle drains (wash or rinse) is defective. Let’s say it is discovered that it is a defective hose that needs to be replaced with costs

  • $12.00 for the part
  • $60.00-90.00 in labor
  • $100.00 TOTAL

The problem is identified – the cause has been determined – how to fix it has been laid out; and the cost has been formulated. Isn’t this what you really need to know from your inspection report?