Unfortunately in Montana there are no licensing requirements for home inspectors. Most states require schooling and passing a state originated exam in every aspect of home inspections…like electrical, plumbing, HVAC, roofs… if a candidate fails one of these categories…they fail the exam! Most people running a home inspection business go to school, either on line or in person, which teaches you how to be a home inspector. No experience required! Read the books; take the school exam; send your money and application to the state and…you’re a home inspector! And more unfortunately, acquiring a state license in Montana to become a licensed general contractor is pretty much the same! No experience required…no proof of working in any of the trades. Again, most states have strict experience requirements and a state originated exam TO PASS.


The optimal qualification of a home inspector is a hands on working knowledge in all the construction trades. It stands to reason, that if a person is asking questions about the condition and construction of a building, i.e. a home, then a contractor with hands on experience would best benefit the buyer. An understanding and a working knowledge of the different systems and of what’s behind the drywall can alleviate a lot of angst when the report is completed. Most potential buyers have no construction background and so rely heavily upon the inspection report when purchasing their home. If a safety or non-functioning item is listed on the report it can become a potential “deal breaker.” However, with a correct and knowledgeable understanding of what the issue is, what caused it, how the issue can best be repaired, and the cost involved will keep the buy/sell moving forward.